The Anti-Patriot

Stop the press! Conservatives out of touch.
April 3, 2013, 4:06 pm
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Meet David Bennett. A financial services worker, made redundant in “Labour’s recession”. Rather than claim Job Seekers Allowance, he decided to start his own small business, selling electrical goods from a market stall.

This guy should be appearing on posters for the Conservative Party. He’s the embodiment of Thatcherism. He’s the type of voter who kept her in power for 10 years. White Van Man. Striver.

I won’t get into why The Conservative Party wants to take large amounts money away from the exact demographic they need to capture, to win a majority.

But why is their response to his pretty fair question (whether IDS could live on £53 a week), to smear and attack him in the tabloid press?

Breaking News……….Sun Reader also gambles and drinks occasionally.

I know Lynton Crosby is known for his divisive politics – but you’re not supposed to divide your own vote.

Wouldn’t a better response from the party have been maybe an offer of private talks, or even help with his small business?

Instead we have a man who lives rent free, in a £2 million pound home (his aristocratic in-laws own), trying to claim he could happily live on benefits. And The Daily Mail attacking a decent, honest, guy, as he didn’t factor in housing benefit (that he never even receives as it’s paid direct to the landlord) into his off-the-cuff equation.

You know, who do you think the general public is going to back – Del Boy, or a Conservative millionaire, with a double-barrelled name

What a mess. Nice work Lynton.

What Is An Anti-Patriot
January 15, 2013, 9:14 pm
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To understand anti-patriotism, you should first know what patriotism actually is.

Patriotism is little more than a buzz-word. It can mean anything, and has meant everything.

“Seek Hail” was patriotic.

Ghandi’s none-violent protest was patriotic.

Neil Armstrong planting an American Flag on the moon was patriotic.

Patriotism is just supporting national policy. The problem is that national policy is dependent on who happens to be in power. Hence the word “patriot” can be hijacked to convince turkeys to vote for Christmas.

Would the people of Germany have supported the ghettoization of Poles, in the 1940s, if their leaders told them it was a mass breach of human rights, based on xenophobia, anti-semitism, and racism?

Hell no.

They supported it, as their government convinced them that Polish Jews were nasty, lazy, lying, cheating, stealing, flea ridden, parasites, who were stealing German jobs, and giving back little more than an increase in crime and disease, on the fair-minded, hard working German people.

Freedom of information and thought is the key to progress. In short, thinking for one’s self.

Hello world!
April 12, 2010, 11:10 am
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